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Sandpoint Real Estate.
In todays market it takes aggressive strategies to get your real estate property in front of the buyers. I use print, web and even direct marketing so much more than other realtors that I have begun to guarantee better coverage. As a full-time realtor, I will represent and show your property more thoroughly than other realtors.

To back up my promises to you, I have put together a team that can put my real estate strategies into action. My assistant Harry, who has a realtors license also has a background in construction, excavation and cement foundation work. Laura, is my design, web and marketing expert. Not only does she work on our area's best marketing pieces like Sandpoint Magazine and the Chamber's vistor guide but she has marketed many of real estate developments in this area. See "Selling Property" for more details on my marketing strategies.

I KNOW LAND. I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree, from The University of Idaho, in Forest Resources & Ecosystem Management and have worked for government, industry and private land owners. I know land from the underground up, including soils, water, wildlife, timber, forest health & more.

I KNOW RANCHES AND RANCHING. As a side venture, in 1999, I became a licensed outfitter and opened Mountain Horse Adventures on Schweitzer Mountain. As the owner of a large string of horses, I maintained large areas of pasture, built and maintained a lot of fencing, control a lot of noxious weeds, etc. I know ranches and ranching very well. Lets go for a ride and see all of the Sandpoint area from above.

I KNOW RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE. As a licensed Realtor I have taken several lengthy courses on Idaho Real Estate, I have passed two difficult exams, I am a member of the National Association of Realtors, the Idaho Association of Realtors and the Selkirk Association of Realtors too but more importantly I have been trained by the best at Coldwell Banker - Resort Realty here in Sandpoint. I have gained a lot of experience as a Realtor but I also gained some of the best experience as a customer buying a home and later upgrading to another as my family grew, I learned valuable lessons both shopping on my own and using local agents. I learned a good agent is a great benefit both buying and selling properties. Unfortunately I also learned many things not to do as an agent from agents I was unhappy with. I assure you I will put all that I have learned to do and not to do, to use in making you a happy client.

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I love the inland northwest, the seasons, the land, the forest, the creeks and the critters that live here. I will bring everything I have learned together to serve you. Whether it's buying a house in town, 1 acre or a 100 acres, you will get my honest take on things, and all the attention to detail which you deserve.

So call me, email me, and let me know how I can help you find a place here in northern Idaho, Bonner County.

Michael White, REALTOR® • Coldwell Banker Resort Realty • Phone 208-290-8599